Protection Systems

Providing protection from different levels of risk places high demands on specifiers and building owners. We have built a reputation for our expertise in blast, fire and general security resistant systems.

Our Systems offer all of the features that are essential to protect buildings and the people that work in them.

Blast Resistant Curtain Walling

The volatile worldwide political climate means that protecting building occupants and contents from the effect of blast is required with increasing frequency. And since curtain walls are at the exterior, they are the first line of defence for the protection of employees and the public.

Secur II Fire Resistant Door

Our fire proof doors are characterized by very good thermal and acoustic insulation with all our systems fine tuned for rigidity, toughness and durability. Inward or outward opening doors in all door configurations are available to suit commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Secur II Fire Resistant Screening

Among fire-protection specialists, Sapa Building System aluminium fire rated products are well known for their quality, durability and usability. Our products have been designed and approved to meet the demand for the protection of people and their possessions in and around buildings.

Blast Resistant Windows

Our range of blast resistant windows provide excellent protection in the event of an incident. When an explosion occurs, absorbing the blast energy without causing failure of the structure, is the most important feature of fenestration and our systems are designed specifically for this purpose.